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Ответы на тест 1. Английский язык
Вставка пропущенных слов

При прохождении теста с этими ответами было набрано 75% баллов
Ответы были взяты с сайта http://ooc-school.ru/learn/tests/

У меня при прохождении теста система проверяла ответ автоматически, то есть одна лишняя перестановка, использование другого символа апострофа и ответ не засчитывался! Сделано тупо, но как есть.

Результаты по этим ответам от 70 до 100%. То есть где-то неточности есть, но найти их мне не удалось.

Структура ответов
Задание было везде одинаковое: Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.

Ниже порядок такой: сначала готовое предложение, а строкой ниже (жирным) уже готовая фраза для вставки в поле ответа.
  1. "Get off the bus at the station," said Peter to Annette.
    told annette to get off
  2. "Have you had any strange dreams" my brother said
    asked me if i had
  3. "Let's go out for a Chinese meal," said the twins
    suggested going out
  4. "Try and remember your dream," said the doctor to Sue
    asked sue to try
  5. "Why don't we go over the emergency fire procedure again," said the supervisor
    suggested running through
  6. Are the children keen on sports activities
    taking part in
  7. Because of his hard work, he made a success of his business
    so hard that
  8. Can you phone me after 5 tonight?
    give me a ring
  9. Did anyone see you yesterday?
    who saw you
  10. Do you think the cost of living will ever fall again?
    ever come down
  11. Do you want me to take you to the airport in the car?
    give you a lift
  12. Don't let me interrupt your story!
    go on with
  13. Don’t shout at the dog like that!
    stop shouting at the dog
  14. Have scientists ever investigated the way animals communicate with humans?
    have ever looked into
  15. Have you any intention of offering Sally the job?
    you going to offer
  16. I don't think Mary's new job is what she expected
    doesn`t seem to
  17. I expect you're exhausted after your long trip
    must be exhausted
  18. I spent ages doing my homework last night
    took me ages to do
  19. I want to know who you saw yesterday.
    did you see
  20. I'd like you to find this word in the dictionary
    look this word up
  21. I'd rather go to the cinema than stay in
    instead of staying
  22. I'm not busy all tomorrow so I could fit in an appointment then
    a little time
  23. I'm sure I'm getting a cold.
    i`m coming down with
  24. I've never heard you mention Paul's name before
    has never come up
  25. Is this your first visit to France?
    you ever been
  26. Nobody is sure how the crash happened
    came about
  27. Not many people remember that 60s rock band any more
    (very) few people whoточно так было в тех ответах
  28. Smoking is not allowed on the underground
    must not
  29. The crowded bus was so hot that one of the passengers fainted
    passed out because it was
  30. The girls are excited at the thought of seeing their grandparents again
    looking forward to seeing
  31. The invention was an overnight success because it was extremely useful
    was so useful that
  32. The new computer system has caused quite a few problems for the manager
    has come up against
  33. The pilot discovered that the plane's fuel tanks were empty
    had run out of
  34. There are a lot of old people who need looking after
    to take care of
  35. There's no doubt that Brian will be promoted
    is bound to be
  36. This is the first time I've ever seen a job advertisement for a cat sitter!
    never come across
  37. Where is the conference being held this year?
    is taking place
  38. Williamson, the policeman, lived next door
    whose name was williamson
  39. Words are not as important as actions
    speak louder than
  40. You'd probably be fascinated by Australia if you ever went there
    find australia fascinating
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